Street View Art

This series is a collaboration between Emily Kalina and David Baker.

David enjoys photographing landmark sites in Boston and New York.  He captures 360 degree images to display on Google Street View using a panoramic camera that enables the viewer to move through three dimensional space. Many of those images, like Fenway Park in the historic city of Boston, can be seen on Google's street view.

Emily combines the classical training in traditional media she received while attending the Rhode Island School of Design, her years of gallery represented watercolor painting, and her commercial design, to develop her unique style and create digital paintings that bring the photos to life.

Emily lived in Boston for many years while designing for a variety of companies such as Michael Kors, Nine West Dress, Anthropologie, Target, and TJX. Her love for the city is unmistakable and so palpable that it is inevitable you will fall in love with it too. 


If you're interested in custom artwork please contact Emily at